The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson: It didn’t think it was necessary to write a second book for the ‘13 little blue envelopes‘ but I quite liked the idea. The book got a good ending in this way and the story is finished. There will not be another book. That is something I really appreciate since usually YA books now come as trilogy. Ginny is again on the road looking for the last work of her beloved aunt. Only this time she is not alone but has three people in tow. Quick and fun read.


Völkerschlachtdenkmal by Erich Loest: I bought this book while spending a weekend in Leipzig (don’t you think that’s the best idea ever to buy a book from the place you visit?). The battle of Leipzig was in 1813. Napoleon and the Saxons lost. 100 years later the monument opened to commemorate the victory. The narrator slips into different roles while talking about the construction of said monument, the two great wars and the time of the German Republic. During all this time the only constant is the monument which has a special meaning to him. Not only to him but to all Saxon people.


After Hello by Mhairi McFarlane: Just what I needed. A little peek in the ‘happily-ever-after-life’. So cool to read about what’s going on after they get together. And it doesn’t disappoint. Mhairi McFarlane knows what she is doing when it comes to chick lit. Which is totally unfair to classify it like this. Because don’t we all have neighbours like this? So why limit the book by calling it chick lit? The novella is the perfect happy ending for this unforgettable story.


Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Harari: So the history of human is different from I thought. especially the long ago history. I always thought that the Homo sapiens developed out of the homo Neanderthal. Turns out this is not true at all but that these two are also two species. Alongside them were also other species but the only one which survived was the Homo sapiens. Also interesting was the fact that the agricultural revolution wasn’t such a great achievement for the sapiens after all. In the end it comes all down to this: what is it that we want to want?

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