Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah: It has already been a while ago that a book impressed me this much. I listened to this book on audio spoken by Trevor Noah himself. It has everything from funny moment to sheer terror. And while hearing him talk about his childhood I caught myself often thinking how lucky I was growing up in Europe. This book stays with you long after and gives you something to think about. Great read!


More Than Enough by Jay McLean: The last installment in the ‘More than this‘ series and I am happy to have read the last one as well. I like the closure of the series especially since really horrible events dominated it. But they all got through it, moved on after a while and of course had a happy ending. The last book focuses on Dylan and Riley and their obstacles with him being a marine. PSTD is not only found in soldiers but can also hit you after a terrifying event. Interesting and steamy read. Kept me up a couple of nights!


Macbeth by Jo Nesbo: A Shakespeare adaption with a police man fighting against the evil in today’s world. I never read the original Macbeth although I did read the one from Nigel Tranter years ago which was wonderful. Back to Nesbo’s book though. I loved ‘The Snowman‘ but the story of Macbeth didn’t grip me. The whole development made no sense to me, his dependence on his wife as explanation for his complete turnaround. No, this was not believable.


Rich People Problems (Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy) by Kevin Kwan: The perfect ending for this fast-paced trilogy. The world of the super rich really has dimensions which can blow your mind. Not that I would know if it is anywhere near the truth. But it is a fun read and I loved the mostly happy ending for all involved characters. One thing this trilogy really did well was describe the food in Singapore. Definitely on my bucket list now.

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