What I learned in Bari

Did I learn anything in particular while in Bari? First I was not sure about it. This was such a short weekend. But while I thought about it, I noticed that I had actually made a couple of observations and learned something about myself as well.

1.) I love it that the  EU invests its money well. In addition to a quick connection between airport and the city, it was also cheap. Great project and one has to love the EU just for this!

2.) Dinner alone is difficult in Bari. Tables are set for a minimum of four people, most decked out for six to eight diners.

3.) You can never go wrong with a city trip when there is a beach involved.

Pollybert on the way to the beach @Bari

4.) As much as I love to keep my travel costs low, delays both ways with a low-cost carrier are annoying. Really have to think about on what to spend my money.

5.) Notwithstanding the homely feeling of a BB, it can’t outweigh the inconvenience of a 10am check-out and the impossibility of holding one’s luggage.

6.) The best souvenirs are the ones you can eat. In particular the ones you share. I had a lunch of orecchiette with cime di rapa with my colleagues in the office.

7.) When the bars are so full that the people are spilling on the street, people-watching with a quiet beer is the best entertainment.

8.) Most churches had animals guarding the portals. All of them looked weird. Like this one. do you have any idea what it could be?

‘watch dog’ @Bari

9.) I didn’t know that an octopus gets ‘beaten’ at first for the meat to go soft. That was a really interesting activity to watch in the harbour.

10.) Once you prolong the summer with a short weekend by the sea you are to start with fall.


  1. Your watch dog rather looks like a watch lion or maybe the symbol for the evangelist mark?

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