Central Bar by Ricard Camarena

The Mercado Central was full of surprises. Not only was it an amazing Art Noveau building, the produce inside looked so fresh that I almost regretted not to be cooking myself here. But this feeling held only for so long until we got a place at the Central Bar of Ricard Camarena.

Don’t be bothered by the line-up. It moves quick and the wait is definitely worth it! Surrounded by piled high fruits and vegetables as well as other produce the menu changes with the availability. We started our lunch with clams which had a slight dusting of parsley. I am sure there were other amazing ingredients as well. They tasted of sea and more and were served lukewarm.

clams with parsley @Central Bar

We needed something warm so of course you go to patatas bravas. The hot potatoes always work and in combination with a ham from Fisan, an Iberian acorn-fed ham, especially.

patatas bravas and Iberian ham @Valencia

Next up was a Valencian tomato salad which was so intense it was unbelievable. The ripeness of the tomatoes combined with the cheese and the crunchy radish, it was just gorgeous!

tomato salad @Central Bar

Interesting as well were our desserts. We ordered the two we didn’t know which were a fried “buñuelo” with cream and an almond and nougat “bocadillo”. Both were delicious but I think I could have eaten another plate of this corn-fed ham instead.

fried “buñuelo” with cream and a almond and nougat “bocadillo” @Bar Valencia

I washed all of this down with wine from Ramón do Casar, which was lovely. I asked to take a picture of the bottle because I have to try to get it here. Therefore, if you go to Valencia don’t miss out on this place!

Central Bar by Ricard Camarena
46001 Valencia, Plaza Ciudad de Brujas inside in the Central Market
Mon-Sat: 07:30 – 14:30

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