The Street Art of Valencia

Maybe Street Art is not the right name for it. It’s art which I found on the streets. Most of it is on scroll bars though or posters on facades. So I don’t think this is the epitome of street art. Since it is not from a museum, I will keep the headline though. The idea, to know what’s behind a scroll bar just from looking at what has been painted on it, is great. All over the old town there were many in bright colors. But also the posters advertising the ‘Agua de Valencia‘ do a great job. They definitely enticed me to give it a try. Yours, Pollybert

I guess this is a small coffee shop @Valencia

The next one is for a restaurant. I know this for a fact since this place was right around the corner from our apartment and saw I the place open.

maybe a garage is hiding behind these doors @Valencia

This tile mural was actually an ad for the Tienda de las Ollas. We never made it inside but I would assume they sell typical Valencian shawls and other items.

This lady in red is well-known in Valencia. That is all I remember more about her. I do know that she got mentioned when we took the free walking tour. I just don’t know what for exactly.

woman in red @Valencia

Not really sure what the red Lego man was doing up on the wall. First I though it had something to do with the color. You know, red and Spain go hand in hand. But later on I saw other Lego man in different colors also on walls. The reason behind this is beyond me. Really makes no sense to put them up. If anyone out there knows to answer to this puzzling question, let me know.

Lego on the wall @Valencia

This one speaks for itself. The café is on a small square with a big orange tree.

And here is the ad for Agua de Valencia.  Doesn’t it look delicious and invite you to take a sip. Problem is it drinks like juice and the next morning you don’t know what hit you.

drink with caution @Valencia

Not really sure what lays behind this door but the girl on the swing put a smile on my face. Best of all is the Luis Vuitton logo graffiti on the right side of it.

girl on the swing @Valencia

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