The City of Arts and Sciences

Arriving at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia I felt transported to a different world. The city is located in the dried-up riverbed of the river Turia. After a flooding of Valencia the river had been re-routed.  The city then decided to turn the empty riverbed into a recreation area/park.

Not only has Valencia a gorgeous center with lots of historic bulidings to explore but also a new and impressive City of Arts and Sciences.

When we visited the weather was gorgeous and everything was bathed in some kind of blueish light. It was proably the reflection of the blue sky on the white buildings, in any case the impression was one of an otherworldly feeling. Reading about the exhibitons now, it really makes sense to plan some time to visit the different buildings and exhibitions in more detail.

We only had time to walk through the area. But this short walk alone  already duely impressed us. Don’t follow my lead on this though. Make time to visit at least one of the buildings. For me at least the City of Arts and Science is a reason to come back. Besides the amazing food in Valencia. Yours, Pollybert

The City of Arts and Sciences @Valencia


  1. Very striking. The architect must have been Calatrava, no?

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