What I learned in Valencia

Years ago while touring Europe by train I had already been to Valencia. That time though I had no leisure for observations. How different this trip in October was with my friends. Strolling around unhurried, stopping for a quick bite to eat and then moving on again to spot something new. While doing so I noticed and learned a bit about Valencia. Here are my observations. Yours, Pollybert

1.) You only eat paella for lunch. This is due to historical reasons: field workers needed sustenance for their hard work.

2.) Aqua de Valencia is devilish. Tastes like juice but is 75% alcohol. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned!

3.) Bus and metro passes don’t go together automatically.

4.) There is a smelly reason behind a plugged-in air freshener in your Airbnb. Leave the plug alone.

5.) Always trudge up at least one tower. The view from above on the city you are visiting is worth every step.

view on the tiled roofs of the cathedral @Valencia

6.) Always look up in a church. You might miss a fresco like this one in the Basilica of the Virgen de los desamparados.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Forsaken @Valencia

7.) Vegetarian paella is actually tastier than the fish one

8.) When it’s cold in Spain, it is also wet. An umbrella is your best friend in such a situation.

9.) Find out where to line up and whom to tell. Saves a lot of time!

10.) Traveling with two friends an affordable apartment with three rooms is a blessing.

11.) Support local crafts and buy your hand-held fan in specialty stores.

workshop for hand-painted fans @Valencia

12.) The oranges which grow on the trees in the street are inedible. They are bitter and full of seeds. They just look nice.

13.) Traveling is team work. I love nothing better though than when my friend makes all the restaurant reservations in advance. Thanks Cat!


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