A weekend in Bangkok

When one has a good friend in Bangkok it makes sense to travel to Thailand just for a week. Even better when the weather is miserable and blue sky and warm temperatures are waiting for you. Since I have been blessed with such a friend there was no question of me going as soon as possible. And besides seeing my friend I have the added benefit of now knowing a ‘local’.

Saturday started by going for a late breakfast to a wonderful place in Sukhumvit called Quince. There I started late into the day with a salmon – poached egg combo and a fresh juice.

breakfast @Quince – Eatery&Bar

Thus invigorated we headed in the direction of Chinatown where we walked a lot and shopped little. That place is crazy, with one street leading in another and shops and stalls everywhere. We did find the most amazing bowls though and some of them are gracing my home now.

happy colorful bowls @Bangkok

Later we grabbed a beer at Wallflower, which has the most amazing rooftop garden. The atmosphere is relaxed and the music eclectic. A good spot to get away from the hustle on the street and enjoy some downtime.

rooftop garden of Wallflower @Bangkok

While sipping a beer we hatched a plan to forgo Thai food for my first evening and go this amazing sushi place called Kenshin Izakaya. Of course once you live there you have cravings for all kinds of food. And I love a good sushi. The salmon sashimi was amazing!

small Japanese place called Kenshin Izakaya @Bangkok

After relaxing at the pool for some time we were again on the move the next day. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is the world’s largest weekend market. All the more reason to visit it on Sunday. I couldn’t make out any order on how the stalls were placed. So in the end we just walked around, possible in circles, got something to eat, a bit more to eat and shopped only a little.

Chatuchak Weekend Market @Bangkok

In the end Bangkok is what you make of it. Every time I visit it is different. I love to leave the ‘sightseeing’ aside and just stroll through markets or parks. This time we didn’t make it to any park. But there will be a next time. Yours, Pollybert

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