A week in Hua Hin

After a lazy weekend in Bangkok it was time to move south to Hua Hin. I, for one was in Thailand for a holiday. The plan was not to do any sightseeing but to read and relax. A year of working and traveling had left me tired and I needed a beach vacation with no plans.

saying goodbye to the city @Bangkok

Since my friend stayed back in Bangkok to work we had settled on a place not far from the city. With a distance of about 180km Hua Hin can easily be reached by bus, train or private driver. This is usually not my style but I had difficulties getting my bus tickets online and in the end it was the comfort which made the difference. Thai Happy Taxi came highly recommend and is a joy to ride with. Definitely makes for a great start of a vacation.

The Loligo Resort, which I had booked for the first couple of days by myself, is a smallish boutique hotel. It is next to the Cicada Market, a big night market that is only open on the weekend. It is also one block away from the beach. The problem with the beach though was that it did not exist during the time I was there. I don’t know if it had something to do with the time of year (November) or the tides. The result was the same. There was no beach.

the beach of the Loligo Resort @Hua Hin

Hence I stayed at the pool the first day which was lovely. There was a bar right next to it and you  didn’t need to leave to water to order. That might sound cheesy but I mean, what more do you need when you want to be lazy?

pool bar of the Loligo Resort @Hua Hin

The next day I decided to hit the beach. I mean there must be one in Hua Hin and also who wants to stay at the pool all day when there might be a beach? And of course there was one. With the hotel shuttle I went ‘downtown’ (which is next to the regular night market) and from there ventured in search of the beach. Turns out I should have better avoided it. Not only was the beach full of jellyfish but also full of sand flies.

large jellyfish on the beach @Hua Hin

As easy it was to spot the jellyfish, the sand flies escaped my notice. At least at the time. Now, many months later, I still remember them vividly. The bites are still itching and also visible. Therefore I wasn’t sad when the second hotel in Hua Hin didn’t have a beach either.

The Devasom Hua Hin Resort is like a small luxury hotel at an affordable price. The room alone was a dream. Check out the free-standing bath tub. Not that I ever used it, it just looked good.

standard room @Devasom Hua Hin Resort

Even better was the pool area. Though small it had natural shade from a tree which was cut in heart shape. If that isn’t the most romantic place, then I don’t know.

pool area and heart-shaped tree Devasom Hua Hin Resort

Best of all was that it was almost kids-free. The Japanese family with its children frequented the pool only in the morning while we still sat at breakfast and left us the rest of the day alone. Adults only. So quiet and relaxing.

have the pool for yourself @Devasom Hua Hin Resort

On our last evening we managed to visit the Cicada Market and it was worth the visit. This must have been the first market in Thailand which sold craft only. There were lots of stalls with unique designs and products. Also food area was super clean with well-built stalls only. The whole food market was organized professionally with coupon counters, porcelain dishes, and cutlery. Very impressive and the best part of Hua Hin. Besides the Devasom Beach Resort of course. Yours, Pollybert

pencil case shaped liked a shark @Cicada Market Hua Hin


  1. I hear so many great things about Hua Hin. I need to go some time.

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