What I learned in Amsterdam

Amsterdam might be just another European city but it is certainly different from other places. During my weekend in this city I noticed a lot of things. Not just about the city but also about traveling in a group of five. The time spent with the girls was remarkable. Specifically that we all managed to get away at the same time and made this our second trip in this formation. I loved as well that we passed on the sightseeing busses and decided to take a boat trip. So much more fun even though the bar was closed on board. Traveling is the best, traveling with your friends even better. Yours, Pollybert

1.) For instance the city still has trams with conductors. And they sit in really modern little cubicles.

a tram with a conductor @Amsterdam

2.) The Netherlands and Indonesia share a past which lies in the history of the Dutch East Indies Company. Indonesia was the largest Dutch colony. Whatever you might think about it now, there is indeed one advantage. The Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam are very authentic. We tried Tujuh Maret which I can whole-heartedly recommend.

3.) With the bicycles all over the city it is necessary to remind drivers to be careful.

when cyclists take over the city @Amsterdam

4.) It’s useless to try to take a picture of the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign without hundreds of strangers. Just ignore them and take a picture anyway.

the Rijksmuseum with the Amsterdam sign in front @Amsterdam

5.) There are a lot of pigeons in this city. Almost as many as in Venice. I certainly don’t like them neither here nor there.

pigeons in flight over the city @Amsterdam

6.) Don’t take pictures within the red-light district of the working girls. It’s disrespectful!

7.) I think because there is so much water in the city, it feels especially cold and wet. Although I wonder if this water cools the city in summer down or is there just a stink?

there is water everywhere you look @Amsterdam

8.) Visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam made me realize what I specifically dislike about museums for one artist. Because they have such a large collection, the paintings are on rotation. So sometimes you just don’t see the one painting for which you came in truth. Same happened in Oslo at the Munch museum.

9.) Sometimes you really just go to a coffee shop because they have a fine coffee maker. Who would have thought?

10.) Looking back, I had above all an amazing time with my friends. And I definitely want to travel soon again in this formation.

girls on tour @Amsterdam

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