What else to do in Bucharest

When you are in a new country and especially in a new city you really need to explore it in great detail. At least this is what I like to do. Bucharest is small enough to get already an idea of the outlay from a walking tour. But of course there is other stuff which we needed to discover. So the best thing to do was strolling around some more. Even after already completing a walking tour.

As an avid reader my first item on the agenda lead me to Carturesti Carusel. Carusel is a bookstore in Bucharest, which is out of this world. Once inside it is no wonder this place is called “Carousel of Light”. Not only does it have 10.000 of books and six floors but it enchants you in its own way. Step inside and be transformed in a way you wouldn’t expect from a bookshop. This is a magical place, not only for readers.

enchanted bookshop Carusel @Bucharest

what a magical place @Carusel Bucharest

Not so far away from the bookstore is Caru’ cu Bere, a beer hall in a Gothic building with Art Noveau interior. Even if you don’t stop for a beer and the famous mici (aka cevapcici), you should venture inside for a better look. There are also an amazing tiled floor and spiral staircase to catch.

inside Caru Cu Bere @Bucharest

Best surprise of all was the Spotlight Festival which happened while we were in Bucharest. We stumbled upon it by chance and then spent a whole evening walking around in awe. The integration of the buildings into the light installation combined with the music was an awesome experience. Click here for a couple of videos which give a vivid impression on how special the festival was. Yours, Pollybert

the message of spotlight festival @Bucharest

spotlight festival @Bucharest

this is how we look when we stare at our mobile @Bucharest

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