More impressions of Kyiv

The trip to Kyiv seems like such a long time ago but looking at my pictures brings it back to life. These ones here didn’t make any story but are still lovely and show you a bit more of the city. I hope you enjoy them.

Almost every city has some kind of statue or sculpture which brings good luck (health, wealth, a partner … you name it). In Kyiv this is the monument Pronya Prokopivna and Golokhvastov. If you rub her ring you will get married soon. If you touch the bug on his back you will get lucky. Guess what I touched? Yours, Pollybert

Monument Pronya Prokopivna and Golokhvastov @Kyiv

small chapel and big church @Kyiv

coffee to go @Kyiv

red building @Kyiv

inside the bell tower of St. Sophie’s Cathedral @Kyiv

inside the main post office @Kyiv

a view with bells @Kyiv

street food @Kyiv

colorful murals in St. Sophia’s Cathedral @Kyiv

this building definitely needs a little work @Kyiv

old car and new houses looking old @Kyiv

renovation almost done @Kyiv

check out the cruise boat in the back @Kyiv

pretty houses but they all looked empty @Kyiv

old-fashioned billboard @Kyiv

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