Walking through Tallinn

After visiting Riga and Latvia last year, it was time for another Baltic country. This time I was off to Estonia. Since Tallinn is busy in summer, Estadventures recommends to go for the earlier walking tour. Despite landing at a god awful time past midnight, it was easy to get up and start the day. The airport of Tallinn is ten minutes from the old town, which makes arriving in this city a pleasure. And I was in a new country!

My hostel 16eur – old town Munkenhof was just a short walk from the tourist information where the meeting point for the walking tour is. It’s so convenient when everything is right around the corner. No long walks or estimating how much time you need from A to B. All is easy here in Tallinn.

The main square with big city hall is full of stalls which sell local stuff. Most interesting is the city hall itself which looks like church. But it is definitely not one because you can still see the shackles hanging on the side where swindlers were punished right away in former times.

main square @Tallinn

city hall @Tallinn

Tallinn has an upper and a lower city and the Toompea hill forms the upper part. On the hill is the Toompea Castle which is now the home of the Estonian Parlament. The front looks baroque in pink while the back looks medieval.

Toompea Castle @Tallinn

From to the top you have also a great view upon the city and clearly see the medieval influence on it.

view upon the city from Toompea hill @Tallinn

Also on the hill besides the Alexander Nevski Cathedral (a typical onion domed church)is the Danish garden where the Estonians lost the war against the Danish and the Dannebrog (the Danish flag) fell from the sky. There is even a painting of this miraculous event which hangs in the Kadriorg palace. The palace, although outside of the old town, is really worth a visit and not only because of the painting.

Kadriorg Palace @Tallinn

Not far up the road from the palace is the art museum Kumu. The modern building looks gorgeous but I wasn’t inclined to go for a visit. I had already enjoyed some old masters in the palace.

Kumu art museum @Tallinn

Upon getting back to the city I passed through these old gates and felt back in medieval times. The city wall can be accessed all over the old town and you can feel like a sentry guarding the city. Yours, Pollybert

the gates to the old city @Tallinn

on top the city wall @Estonia

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