Hapsal Dietrich

Right across from the bishop’s castle in the old part of Haapsalu is the coffeehouse Hapsal Dietrich. Already upon passing it on the way to the castle I decided to lunch there. The coffee shop was full, so it was a good idea to comeback a little late. Around 2pm I finally made it in there and got a table right away. As you can see the dining room is small and packed with tables and a large glass case to showcase all the cakes.

dining room @Hapsal Dietrich

But before I was eating cake I had to order something savory. Fish is always a great choice in a country with so much water therefore I went with the catch of the day. To be honest, I still don’t know what I ate. Three small fishes were stacked one over the other on a layer of herbal sour cream and a couple of potatoes. The fishes had quite a couple of bones, but the way they were done, floured and then fried was delicious. All the work of retrieving the bones made the meal so much more memorable.

catch of the day @Hapsal Dietrich

Since I didn’t have breakfast that morning I also got one of the delicious looking cakes from the display. I opted for chocolate cake with berries and some kind of stracciatella cream cheese frosting. Oh the decadence! The cake was moist and chocolaty and the acid of the berries made for a nice contrast. Excellent choice!

chocolate cake with berries and stracciatella cream @Hapsal Dietrich

Hapsal Dietrich is definitely the place of choice for a great meal in Haapsalu. Who would have thought that such a small town brings forth so excellent ‘restaurants’? Yours, Pollybert

Hapsal Dietrich
90503 Haapsalu, Karja 10
Tel: +372 509 4549
Email: kohvik@dietrich.ee
Sun-Thu: 11:30-20:00, Fri-Sat: 11:30-22

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