More impressions of Estonia

Despite trying my best to keep the stories short from my recent trip to Estonia, I posted quite a bit about it. And of course there are also a lot of pictures left which I didn’t use. So I will keep with the tradition to post these in a separate post to give you a bit more of an impression from the country. Also I like to keep my memories alive. Estonia is beautiful and deserves to be on your travel. I want to go back and see more of the eastern part of the country. So much to see as usual and so little time. Yours, Pollybert

During my visit of the Estonian History Museum in the Great Gild Hall I came across these outdoor clothes from the 19th century. Doesn’t the snow suit for a toddler look amazing?

sports wear from the 19th century @Tallinn

The War of Independence Victory Column looks great and kind of light. Probably because it is made of glass. This glass also creates a lot of problems in winter time. I can’t remember what the free walking guide told us. But either is costs a fortune to repair it in spring or they wrap it up in winter.

War of Independence Cross @Tallinn

The Fat Margaret’s Tower was unfortunately under construction while I was in Tallinn. It did look very “fat” though and I am sure it would have been great see from the inside.

Fat Margaret’s Tower @Tallinn

While Riga has its Three Brothers, Tallinn has its Three Sisters. It was even harder here to get a frontal picture. so you have to make do with the sideways one.

Three Sisters @Tallinn

old town @Tallinn

beautiful house @Tallinn

the towers of the city wall @Tallinn

inside the Kadriorg Place @Tallinn

my favorite picture @Haapsalu

an international residence @Tallinn

street art @Pärnu

somewhere in Haapsalu

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