Kolossi Castle and Kourion archaelogical site

After two days in Nicosia we were finally driving down south again. For the next couple of days Limassol was going to be our home. For convenience reasons we booked an apartment instead of a hotel on the outskirts of town and near the auto route. So much better when you are not used to drive on the left. Our first outing on the south coast of Cyprus took us to Kolossi Castle.

This crusader castle from the 14th century is one big tower. I really don’t want to imagine how uncomfortable living in it must have been. There are almost no windows and it looks stark and forbidden in a way. Once inside though it is light and airy. Who would have thought?

Kolossi Castle @Cyprus

inside Kolossi Castle @Cyprus

the drawing bridge of Kolossi Castle @Cyprus

From there it is just a 15 minute ride to the archaeological site of Kourion. Apparently this was the site of a kingdom which ended with an earthquake in 365AC. What’s left is a couple of villas from the Roman times and and an early Christian basilica. That these people must have had money is unmistakable. First of all they had a prime view on the sea from the hill position and furthermore look at the mosaics in the villas. There is not so much left nowadays but enough to get a good impression. And last but not least, they also had an amphitheatre.

Kourion Archaeological Site @Cyprus

mosaic in the House of the Gladiators of Kourion @Cyprus

amphitheatre of Kourion @Cyprus

The Kourion Archaeological Site is quite a large area and it definitely makes sense to hire a guide. The guide book was not enough. There are so many stones lying around and if you have no imagination like me then they never come to life.

columns and lots of old stones in Kourion @Cyprus

Best of all on this day was spending the last hours of day on the beach underneath the archaeological site. In November and in a bikini. Cyprus is really an all-year round location.Ultimately the sunset beer was worth every second of walking around so many old stones. Yours, Pollybert

Kourion beach @Cyprus

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