More impressions from the Lebanon

As usual I have a lot more pictures from Beirut and our two trips than I used in my other posts. And it’s so hard to just delete them. I find that they still tell a pretty good story about life in the Lebanon. You  can get an impression of what’s happening besides the typical sightseeing program. And there is a lot going on. There were protests in Beirut while we visited and a lot of young people on the street. Traffic jams in the late evening and animals on the sidewalk. I hope these photos paint a picture for you on how Beirut and the Lebanon is, at least the bit which I have seen. Yours, Pollybert

a car in camouflage @Beirut

old and new next to each other @Beirut

code of conduct for a Catholic church @Beirut

The Egg (a former cinema) @Beirut

the content of a prayer box on the way to Harissa, a mix of religions @Lebanon

how to be a conscious demonstrator @Beirut

urban traffic @Beirut

there is still so much standing of the Bacchus temple after 1600 years @Baalbek

when the monument on Martyr’s Square gets a make-over @Beirut

dream team on vacation and the only picture of the port @Byblos

this reminds me of the musical ‘Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat‘ @Harissa

different sarcophagi @Beirut

what’s left of the war @Beirut

a paraglider on the way down to Jounieh @Lebanon

ready for customers @Beirut

ongoing excavations @Baalbek

interesting way to grow for a tree in Cedars of God @Lebanon

not a lot going on around noon on Martyr’s Square @Lebanon

a plan for the future @Beirut

this old house just needs a bit restoration @Beirut

off limits @Beirut

another look into the Quadisha valley @Lebanon

this is supposedly Cleopatra @Baalbek


  1. I like the dreamteam notion 😊

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