The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory: What a great chick lit! Finally a book which kept me up at night and where I had to force myself to go to sleep. I loved both characters, their chance encounter and the following romance. It was funny, and romantic and steamy without being corny. I am very happy to have found Jasmine Guillory and will definitely start reading her other books as well. This is exactly what I want in a good book. Entertainment and compelling read!


The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory: I liked that a secondary character from ‘The Wedding Date’ got his own book. No doubt, Carlos is charming and comes across really likeable. Nik on the other hand is a bit weird and has issues which I can’t relate to. No matter though, the book is entertaining and reads as good as the first one. I have to say though that I enjoyed book one a lot more. Nonetheless I am moving on to book three. Of course I want to finish the series.


Die Hauptstadt by Robert Menasse: After reading this book I can’t really say what the story is. Maybe a history lesson on why and how the European Union came about? Because otherwise can it be? There are a couple of characters who get to interact and then others who don’t. Some story lines were more ex than others, but most ended in a literary nirvana or with the death of the protagonist. Astonishingly, despite my complaints, the book reads quick and is entertaining. Maybe I just didn’t understand it.


The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory: The last book in the trilogy has the wedding of the main characters in book 1 as title giving event. And it’s the the two best friends of afore mentioned bride who fall in love here. I like Theo and Maddie, They feel less perfect than the other two couples. Maybe because they are not as sharply drawn as the others. Not sure, but I like them in their weirdness. So this was quite a fun ride reading the three books from Jasmine Guillory.


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