Breakfast at Aumann

The 18th district in Vienna is not really blessed with a lot of restaurants or breakfast places. So one has to make do with what’s available. Like the Aumann. The name derives from the location where the restaurant is situated. After the last restaurant failed, the new owners still liked the name so much that they kept it. Apparently there is nothing like bad press.

We met for breakfast on a recent Saturday and to be honest, it was probably the last visit for a long time. The place feels cold in winter and as much as the window tables are preferred, they are drafty. But so is actually the rest of the place. This is the problem of an all window front and no curtains in front of the entrance. No wonder so many people kept their coats on.

dining room @Aumann

But let’s start with the food. Usually with breakfast not much can go wrong. But far from it, as I learned here. For a change I didn’t order my all time favorite dish of Eggs Benedict but went with a Aumann Breakfast Bowl which lists as ingredient ‘surprise’. I am not sure what came over me or why I ordered that, but it was actually quite good. I had yogourt with fruits, sheep-milk yogourt with chia seeds, some muesli. Too bad the decoration was done with raspberries and blueberries which are totally out of season. But overall a lovely dish, if not at all what I expected.

Breakfast bowl @Aumann

The ‘ham and eggs’ had a completely different look but tasted like the real deal. Since the ham was lovely not much can go wrong here. With the extra ordered bread roll, it was a good breakfast.

Ham and eggs @Aumann

Now the Eggs Benedict fared a lot worse. First, there were no runny eggs. Who wants to have hard boiled eggs with sauce Hollandaise? The second attempt had excellent eggs but the sauce Hollandaise came from a container. This is a sad story indeed. Even at home I could do better (actually don’t but this is another story). The three spinach leaves on top looked forlorn by the way.

Eggs Benedict @Aumann

The worst dish though was the breakfast combination ‘Easy Morning’. It come with quite a lot of different dishes but in the end it failed miserable in almost all. The omelette was bland, while the avocado bread couldn’t be cut. It was the end slice of a loaf and after toasting it, it just got hard. The salmon came in a ‘generous’ portion, but maybe better this way. Because the vegetables stick had seen better days. Probably a couple of days ago. Instead of being crunchy, they already had a bend to them. The same happened to the sheep yoghurt with chia seeds. This individual must have waited for a while in the fridge because it had started to bleep again. The taste was so off-putting that I needed a whole glass of water to rinse it out.

‘Easy Morning’ @Aumann

If you can help it, just go for drinks here. The food is a disappointment and wasn’t fresh. Because what irritated me the most, was the waitress taking everything back without a second glance. As if she already knew what was the problem. The Aumann won’t see me again if I can help it. Yours, Pollybert

1180 Wien, Aumannplatz 1
Tel: +43 1 470 18 18
Mon–Sun: 08:00–01:00


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