More impressions of Rome

In hindsight of course it’s amazing that I travelled to Rome in January. I had such an amazing time the and suddenly, two months later the world has completely changed. It’s unbelievable in a way, but I guess you all feel this way. Following the news one gets speechless by everything that’s happening. Since we can’t change any of that right now, the only thing, but by far the most important, is to stay at home. What we can do though is to dream of vacations. Places we have gone to and places we want to get to know. So let’s do that. Here are some more impressions of Rome. Yours, Pollybert

a fountain somewhere in Rome @Italy

the obelisk at the Piazza Navona @Rome

I wish this was true for now @Rome

a detail from the Colosseum @Rome

Arch of Constantine as seen from the Colosseum @Rome

a peek behind an open door @Rome

the Colosseum during sunset @Rome

some graves from the 15th century in the Pantheon @Rome

Do you see the marker under the number 6? That’s how high the water came in 1870 @Rome

what’s left of Temple of Hadrian @Rome

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