Why you should visit Penang in Malaysia

When I decided to fly to Malaysia I had no idea what to expect no less where to go. Of course I knew that Kuala Lumpur is the capital and that Malaysia is an Islamic state. I wasn’t in the mood to go to a big city for endless sightseeing and a high stress factor though. My vacation was exactly five working days, so even including both weekends, this was not a lot of time. Also the point was to relax since my last vacation had been intense. With my decision to go to Penang and focus on George Town this was possible. Here are my reasons on why to visit this part of Malaysia. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Penang is a state of Malaysia which has two parts: an island, and on it its small capital called George Town, and a part on the Malay peninsula. Isn’t island life always better than on the main land? Even though the mainland here is a peninsula?

arriving in Penang @Malaysia

2.) The island was an important trading place on the strait of Malacca. This left the place steeped in rich history with colonial buildings, an Indian district and Chinese houses amongst others.

the city hall of George Town @Malaysia

3.) The old town of George Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

4.) The food here comes from all over South East Asia and the food markets are the best I’ve ever been to.

food market in George Town @Malaysia

5.) You can manage the old town on foot. This is what I like best when you visit a new place. To walk around and get a feeling for this place. There is little traffic in the centre except for Rickshaws and scooters.

6.) Everything else you can do by Grab, a transport app which shows you the price right away but you pay in cash. Super convenient and cheap!

7.) Everyone speaks English which makes this trip even more relaxing.

8.) Religion is easy going and not a topic. Also alcohol is everywhere available.

worship place in a passage @George Town

9.) George Town has amazing street art and there is even a Public Arts Review Panel (PARP). Not sure if a panel is always helpful especially when it comes to art, but on the other hand art here is serious business. There is not a lot of graffiti.

Street art @George Town

10.) There is lots to see but not so much that you have to be constantly sightseeing. Moreover there are wide and sandy beaches in the area which invite you to relax.

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