The street art of George Town, Malaysia

When you walk through the old town of George Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first thing you notice are the ‘murals’. Maybe that’s too grand a word but I find it fitting for a couple of these ‘paintings’. The street art in George Town is amazing and deserves one’s admiration. It’s definitely more than graffiti, there is something very arty about it.

A lot has to do with the Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic who burst on the scene during the George Town Festival in 2012. For this he painted eight murals which garnered a lot of praise and Instagram presence. Suddenly everyone wanted to have its picture taken in front of them. Funnily enough, the murals from previous years never created such a rave.

But in the end what does it matter. What’s important here is that he paved the way for other artists. Becasue there are a lot more murals in the city than just his eight. And, let’s not forget George Town also has the Public Arts Review Panel (PARP). So this panel is checking if new murals are up to their standard (at least I hope it’s only this). In any case, the murals are worth your time and I enjoyed discovering them while strolling through George Town. Yours, Pollybert

a dog catches a slice of orange @George Town

man in boat @George Town

the most important question of all: ‘Is it art?’ @George Town

monkey @George Town

children on a swing @George Town

if not art than at least wise @George Town

Street art @George Town

I feel I should know this figure @George Town

steam buns @George Town

fighter girl @George Town

information packed into art: Jimmy Choo started here @George Town

man on a motorbike @George Town

you have to squint a bit to recognize the kite @George Town

art installation @George Town

faces @George Town

in a word: meow @George Town

push @George Town

obviously holding chop sticks (or knitting needles) @George Town

children on a bicycle @George Town

could be a cow girl @George Town

sales man @George Town

both owls seem to be standing @George Town

is that a reference to Alice in Wonderland? @George Town

does that symbolize cat heaven @George Town

he certainly rocks an interesting moustache @George Town

finally another cat, this time winking @George Town


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