The Heir Affair (The Royal We Book 2) by Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan: As much as I loved ‘The Royal We’ for its Rom-Com style the follow I falls a bit flat. While still entertaining it handles also some serious issues and I cannot say I was prepared for that. Especially in these lengthy details. Still, it worked as a beach read but could have profited from some tighter editing. Overall I am glad to know what happened with Bex and Nick.


The Switch by Beth O’Leary: What a pleasant surprise this book turned out. When Eileen and Leena, grandmother and granddaughter, switch their home for two months a lot of stuff can happen. The main characters have such a nice depth to them but also the supporting ones get a great back story. This was such a pleasure to read and I was ‘switching’ between laughing and crying. Wonderful read.


Turtles All the Way Down by John Green: The name of the book is somewhere explained inside but didn’t really make sense to me. As did the rest of the story. Aza has mental problems which are getting weirder by the page. Davis has also problems only his are in real life. It was disturbing to be inside the head of Aza. Her thinking has a tendency to spiral out of proportion until she looses her mind completely. Heartbreaking to read about this, on the other hand Davis doesn’t have any more luck in his life. It’s less bleak than expected because the set of supporting characters give the book a bit of color. Intense read!


Well Met by Jen DeLuca: Unfortunately this chick lit is a little bland. The setting was perfect for a romcom, a stage in the wood for a medieval festival, but the main characters are both a quite flawed. Which makes them incredibly human, but their insecurities also achieves a level of boredom which is hard to overcome. This is not the characters fault, it’s the writing. Well met could have been funny, it just never lifts up.


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