Dogenhof – permanently closed

The word ‘Doge‘ invokes a picture of historical Venice in front of my inner eye. I never really knew that Vienna had a building called Dogenhof that pays tribute to Venice’s past (or rather to an Austrian theme park called Venice in Vienna from the 19th century). Whatever the reason for erecting this beautiful building, let’s be grateful that this gem is still standing in Vienna. Even though it newly opened in 2020, shortly before the pandemic hit, the place is popular and needs a reservation for dinner.

I can’t really explain the concept of Dogenhof since it wants to be so much more than a restaurant. There is a shop in the back which sells stuff for the lack of a better word. I never made it there to see it open. But it looks as if it’s worth a look. Please note that quite a few people just came for drinks and sat along the large window front. So Dogenhof is not only a restaurant but more like a community neighborhood place.

On this warm summer evening we have a table on the outdoor terrace with a clear view on the wonderful facade. The building is spectacular and you should take a good look around, outside as well as inside.

sitting outside in front of the Dogenhof @Vienna

more of the spectacular facade of the Dogenhof @Vienna

inside the Dogenhof @Vienna

another dining room in the Dogenhof @Vienna

So the question comes to mind if the kitchen can deliver what the restaurant promises? What can I say, it works. We tried the catfish tartare with ginger, pea and mint cream, radish, and sorrel. This is a great dish for a warm evening, light and fresh. It works best when fish and peas are eaten together.

catfish tartare with pea mint cream @Dogenhof

I ordered the beef tartare, which was finely minced, with anchovy mayonnaise, and mustard seeds. The beef was seasoned with some lemony oil and tasted refreshingly of summer. There is no bread with this dish, so I used the one which came with the cover. The still warm rolls worked fine, but I would have preferred either toast or toasted sourdough bread. Still, a very nice dinner.

beef tartare @Dogenhof

Best of all is the drinks menu. There is a focus on vermouth which this city hasn’t seen so far. Dogenhof has also a great selection of Apéro. The overall impression is one of relaxed atmosphere. The food is great, the service friendly and tries to please (except when you complain about the Prosecco). I felt welcome here and you definitely get some Italian flair here. Yours, Pollybert

1020 Wien, Praterstraße 70
Tel: +43 1 969083215
Mon-Sat: 09:30-23:00, Sun: 09:30-17:00

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