A weekend in Krakow

After an intense day in Auschwitz, we reached Krakow in the late afternoon. We got a room at the Radisson Blu Hotel, which is about 5 minutes on foot from the main square. The plan was always to spend two nights in Krakow, so much better then that we had a full weekend.

Krakow amazed me with its large old town. Most of it is a pedestrian zone, which makes exploring the city so much more fun. The first afternoon served only to make our acquaintance and to get something to drink. Auschwitz definitely got to me. The impressive Town Hall Tower is the only part left of the former Town Hall, after the Austrians got to it in 1820 (okay, so they might have wanted to open up the square).

first impression of the main square of Krakow @Poland

the sculpture ‘Eros Bound’ @Krakow

The main square or Rynek Glówny in Polish is the biggest medieval square in Europe (or maybe the world). It might look small because of the Town Hall Tower and the Cloth Hall in the middle, but the square is huge. Take a look at St. Mary’s Basilica. Doesn’t it remind of Saint Chapelle in Paris from the inside?

St. Mary’s Basilica @Krakow

inside St. Mary’s Basilica @Krakow

Besides an amazing old town Krakow also has a Royal Castle. The Wawel Royal Castle is an imposing complex about ten minutes of foot from the main square. Basically everything in this city can be done by walking around. The Castle complex comprises of the castle, churches, museums, towers and a dungeon. There is something for everyone to see.

Wawel Royal Castle complex @Krakow

in the courtyard of the Royal chambers @Krakow

We left out the museum and the castle itself, but got tickets for one of the towers to see Krakow from above and the Wawel Cathedral. There is no picture taking in the cathedral, maybe because so many of Poland’s national heroes find their last rest in the crypt below.

Krakow from above @Poland

There is of course lots more to see and we had plans for a free walking tour the next day. But this is a story for another day. Yours, Pollybert

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