Modern Korean restaurant

Korean food is still rare in Vienna. There are a couple of restaurants but it’s by far not as trending as Vietnamese. The Asian food boom has bypassed Korea and left Vienna with only a handful of restaurants. Most of them offer great food though, and Modern Korean is no exception. So quality over quantity all the way.

The restaurant is small and has only a handful of tables, so reservations are advised. Lots of wood and plastic plants provide a weird kind of charm, but it works. The place is cozy and the super friendly service adds to this feeling of welcome.

dining room @Modern Korean

We started the evening with drinks and they are tasty. This might not be a bar, but my Korean drink is lovely. Since none of the starters speak to us, we order two side dishes. Kimchi and a herbal salad with avocado. The kimchi is good, with the typical fermented flavor and the chili bite. The herbal salad with avocado tastes good as well, I am just not sure where the herbs hid themselves. In any case, we ate them right away and took no photo. I have a picture of myself with my drink though. As you can see it made me happy.

Pollybert with color coordinated Korean drink @Modern Korean

We managed at least to get some pictures of the main dishes which were both excellent. My friend got the Hoedeop Rice, which is something you might know from your local sushi restaurant. A bowl of rice with lots of raw fish, notably salmon and tuna at Modern Korean, with some veggies and a special sauce. Mix it all together and the result is an unsightly but delicious bowl of reddish rice with fish. I will spare you that pic, but please take a look at the dish before the mixing.

Hoedeop Rice @Modern Korean

I ordered my usual when at a Korean restaurant, a stew. This time with silky tofu and seafood. I also love the kimchi pork combination, these two are my favorites. The stew comes with a bowl of red rice on the side. This time the color doesn’t come from the sauce but from the type of rice. Which is lovely and already tasty on its own. The stew is aromatic with just a bit of spice in the back. Overall a great choice!

Silk Tofu and Seafood Stew @Modern Korean

Modern Korean might only have a small menu but it’s big on taste. The service was extremely friendly and attentive throughout the whole evening. The only flaw I could detect was the kitchen smell. As much as I love the open concept of seeing what the chefs are doing, I prefer to not smell the whole thing. But it’s a small price to pay for a good meal. Yours, Pollybert

Modern Korean
1090 Wien, Lustkandlgasse 4
Tel: +43 664 1967972
Mon-Sat: 12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00

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