The Coincidence Authority by John Ironmonger: Does everything happen for a reason or can we decide for ourselves? This is a problem I have given some thought already. I mean stuff happens and not everything is a coincidence. If a pattern emerges one might get the feeling that there is more than a coincidence  behind it. But honestly I love the following saying: “Everything happens for a reason. But sometimes the reason is that you’re stupid and make bad decisions”. Which leaves it all open again! Anyway, great book!


The Crown (The Selection 5.0) by Kiera Cass: The final installment in ‘The Selection’ series sees another happy end. I really don’t know why I read the whole series when the first book was already a little bland. But to make matters worse I now saw that there are more novellas, so of course I will read them two. Anyway, Eadlyn has to choose her husband rather hastily when outside influences force her hand. I liked that her character relaxed over time and became more likeable.


Happily Ever After (The Selection series) by Kiera Cass: This is definitely the last book from ‘The Selection’ and it includes all kinds of novellas like ‘The Queen’ and ‘The Prince’ which I already read. So Aspen Ledger gets his own story as well in ‘The Guard, and also Marlee, the best friends, in ‘The Favorite’. But let’s not forget ‘Celeste’, who was never my favorite until she showed herself to be human too and ‘The Maid’ Lucy also gets a chapter. There is an extra epilogue to ‘The One’ and overview of all the main characters and where they are now. What a lovely idea to finish this series.


Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout: The namesake of the book, Olive, doesn’t come over as a very pleasant person. It’s very interesting though to read what kind of impact she has on her community. Every story bears a morsel of Olive in it. Some more, some less. Overall I got the feeling that she is a strong person and faces life’s challenges head on. And I came to like her, to go a little bit easier on herself. A very enjoyable book. I even liked the short story form.


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