Stopping for a tour of Bojnice Castle

Finally the end of the road trip was here. Our last stop before going home was Bojnice Castle, which looks like a fairy tale castle. After that, the last three hours back to Vienna, we would manage without a stop. All the more reason to get the most out of this castle visit.

the castle as seen from the street @Bojnice Castle

and a close up @Bojnice Castle

This medieval castle looks dreamy, with some parts of it from the 12th century. The castle changed hands quite often and went from King Matthias Corvinus, to a couple of different Hungarian families like the Pálffy. In the end the state confiscated it after 1945, so that was that with the private owners. Today it is a Slovak National Museum. Right at the start you enter a long gallery which shows models of the castle through its history.

the long gallery with models of the castle @Bojnice Castle

Bojnice Castle doesn’t have an exhibition per se but an endless number of rooms with furniture and other stuff from different periods. Like this beautiful sitting room with the painted windows.

sitting room with painted windows @Bojnice Castle

Or this oriental room with large floor vases and a sitting Buddha.

oriental room @Bojnice Castle

I was most impressed with the coffered ceiling. It looks so stately and even more so when you examine the details in a close-up.

coffered ceiling @Bojnice Castle

a close-up of the coffered ceiling @Bojnice Castle

Another room, which we were not allowed to enter looked almost out of the King Arthur’s legend. A round table which was only waiting for the knights to sit down. Okay, maybe there are not enough chairs and the table is a bit on the small side. But just look at the amazing floor!

round table and an amazing floor @Bojnice Castle

There is also a large garden but for this there was not enough time anymore. It was time to get back to Vienna for the next adventure. Yours, Pollybert

time to go home @Bojnice Castle

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