The Guest List by Lucy Foley: I finished this book late at night and by late, I mean really late. So many twists and turns and when you think you know who did it, you still guessed wrong. At least I did, because I never have a clue when it comes to crime or mystery stories. The wedding on this island just off the coast of west Ireland sounds like the stuff of dreams until everything falls apart. Or maybe it already happened on the mainland and the island just brings it to light. Whatever it is, it all turns into a nightmare for Will and Jules. Great read!


Tweet Cute by Emma Lord: Nothing turns me more to reading than a grey winter day. When the light doesn’t get any brighter during the day than at dusk. So on a day like that I started reading ‘Tweet Cute’ and couldn’t stop anymore. Pepper and Jack, two seniors waiting to go off to university start a war on twitter on behalf of their parents. But that’s only the main plot, there are quite a couple of other stories happening and you can feel for these two. Never getting any rest, neither to do school work nor to make it happen for themselves. Lovely story!


Tarnished Crown (The Royals) by Erin Watt: I am glad that this was just a novella and not really part of ‘The Royals’ series. The story of Gideon and Savannah was first an online newsletter until the authors decided it was worth to write a book about them. Unfortunately more than half of the content was already online and the rest just doesn’t give them a proper ending. Yes, they get back together but how that happens seems rather tone deaf in these times and kind of boring. Not so great.


Der Zopf by Laetitia Colombani: The plait on the cover basically tells it all. This is the story of three women, one in India, one in Sicily, and one in Canada, which comes together like a plait. Each story by itself is not special but when combined it starts to make sense. I especially liked the story of Smita, the Indian woman. There was a lot about India and its culture in it, which I didn’t know. It will take some time to get more information on this, very interesting indeed. Quick and educational read, but not something you have to read.


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