Mephisto by Klaus Mann: Germany in the 1930s. An actor/director chooses to embrace the career possibilities given to him by the Nazis. It was hard to read about how one can close his eyes to all the disturbing things going on while forging a career for oneself. What makes this book even harder is the fact that it was written in 1936, well before the war started and the systematic killing in the camps.  That’s what makes it so upsetting. To learn that people knew exactly what was happening and still chose to look away.


First Comes Scandal: A Bridgerton Prequel (Rokesbys Series Book 4) by Julia Quinn: The scandal was short-lived because the whole book is rather on the short side. Especially compared with its three predecessors. Also these two, Georgie and Nicholas, were my least favorite characters. In a fictional world I like my heroes dashing and irresistible. Can’t say that for Nicholas unfortunately. He was rather the antidote to any romantic feelings. Still, there were some funny parts. It’s a Julia Quinn book after all.


In Five Years by Rebecca Serle: There is a lot of ugly crying involved with reading this book. But the friendship of Dannie and Bells deserves no less. So when Dannie gets her dream job and an engagement ring on the same night, it’s a bit weird to dream in technicolor about another guy. What makes it totally confusing though is having the exact same guy popping up on your best friend’s arm five years later. Suddenly everything is up in the air, including the everlasting engagement.


Beach Read by Emily Henry: I am a bit late to the party, ‘Beach Read’ was already the summer romance of 2020. But even in winter this book warms your insides. The love story of January and Gus, two writers who meet over a garden fence, has some really moving parts. Whatever their back story was, I connected with January and her insecurities when it comes to love. Finally someone faces the  issues and has thoughts which are relatable to me. The many other reviews have not erred, Beach Read is a great story.


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