The many beaches of Syros

Of course I knew that Syros has beaches, this is a Cycladic island after all. But arriving in Ermoupolis made me doubt myself. No worries though, Syros has enough beaches for everyone. There are many kinds on this island, from sandy to a slab of concrete just five minutes from the main town. All beaches we have seen have at least one free section with fixed umbrellas. Which is fantastic since there is not enough natural shade and not everyone once to ‘roast’ in the sun. To give you an idea about the different beaches, here is my overview. Yours, Pollybert

Asteria Beach: this one is right in Ermoupolis while still far enough away from the harbor. Its free section is right at the beginning of the ‘rocky’ beach in form of a large concrete platform. Besides the umbrellas there is also some natural shade under which to sit. Most visitors are locals who come for a swim and leave around lunch time again. Just up the path is the Ciel beach club/restaurant with super comfy sun beds, large umbrellas, and a great restaurant. Definitely the most expensive spot on the island, but worthwhile due to the service and the DJ.

Asteria beach in front, Ciel beach club in the back @Syros

Asteria Beach @Syros

Ciel beach club @Syros

Kini beach: the only beach we came to twice. It’s a long, wide, sandy beach, getting narrower after the monument for all people drowned at sea. Both times we stayed on the left side of the bus station. The first time, during the week, the beach seemed almost deserted and we could choose where to stay. We settled on the blue sun beds in front the restaurant Asado. The beds are free if you drink or eat something. This is easily done, the food is delicious.
The second time was on Saturday and we only got beds on front of the Blue Harmony hotel. The food is very international (think pizza and burgers). You’re not allowed to leave your sun bed to eat somewhere else though. They also have a DJ during the weekend, the atmosphere is party like. The free umbrellas are all the way to the left of the bus station.

Kini beach @Syros

monument for the drowned @Syros

Galissas: another large, sandy beach. We made the mistake though to settle right near the playground, which made for an intense background noise. So maybe stay to the right hand side of the beach. There was no music but children and tiny dogs did a marvelous job to substitute it. The restaurant right behind us on the beach, aVentoura, has really great food.

Galissas beach @Syros

aVentoura restaurant on Galissas beach @Syros

Megas Gialos: during our first bus trip we had planned to miss that one because it’s right below the street. But then we read about the nearby restaurant, The Talaras, we decided to give it a try. The sandy beach is rather narrow and was quite empty on this Friday. The loungers were comfortable and the lady selling them super friendly. There is service from the nearby bar, but we got up for lunch and walked the 500m to the recommended restaurant. Every step was worth it. Also, there is almost no traffic during the week, so no worries about the traffic. There is also an unserviced beach right across from the recommended restaurant, which had free umbrellas.

Megas Gialos beach @Syros

unserviced beach right across from The Talaras @Syros

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