We’ll Always Have Summer (Summer Book 3) by Jenny Han: The last book of the summer trilogy kept me up for most of the night even though I had an early start waiting for me. Most of the times I dislike trilogies because I feel that authors just want to drag out the dory. But with this one I would have gladly read another one. I couldn’t get enough of the three main characters and their relationship with one another. Such a great read!


Blue Ticket by Sophie Mackintosh: Do you know the feeling when you just read a really good book and want the next one to be different in genre but also really good? Yeah, this didn’t happen here. The dystopian setting of this novel stays forever unexplained. There is not once an explication for anything. Why there is a lottery for girls, or if there is something similar for boys. Everything is up to your own interpretation, which gets a bit boring after a while. Also the real issue at hand, yes or no to children, gets only a one-sided treatment. Also why is that choice only made for women? Not worth your time in my opinion.


Last Night by Mhairi McFarlane: The books of Mhairi McFarlane count to my favourite chick lit books. And it’s quite unfair to limit these books by calling them chick lit. While in itself this is nothing bad, it sounds like an empty-headed love story. Which are also a pleasure to read from time to time. I think I am rambling on here. What I wanted to say is that her books are so much more. The story of four friends, who have known each other since forever, gets altered in one night. After that nothing is the same anymore. It was a pleasure to read!


Finding My Way (The Beaumont Series Book 4) by Heidi McLaughlin: A story from his POV, in this case Liam’s. As much as I usually dislike that the author squeezes another book out of series, here I actually enjoyed it. Liam’s story is manifold and there is enough room in the book for him to grow. It started with him being in Highschool and understanding his love for Josie and music. This should have been book number 2 or rather 1.5, the first book suddenly makes a lot more sense. Quite satisfying read!


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