The street art of Kaunas

Walking through Kaunas I noticed quite soon a huge street art mural. It was one of an old man with his pipe and it was the first one I saw. Funnily enough this art work’s name is “The wise old man” even though at his age he should know that smoking is not good for his health.

“The wise old man” @Kaunas

Picking up the street art map in the tourist information I noticed that there were many more to see. Since they are all over the city, some in backyards, some very small, some very prominent, the guide comes in handy if your are interested in seeing some of the hidden treasures. Here are the ones I have found, while walking around in Kaunas.

no idea what this is called @Kaunas

One of my favorite characters of the Star Wars series, R2D2, I found by chance on a door. I didn’t see his name on the map, so this is probably less street art and more property damage.

R2D2 @Kaunas

Not really sure what the name of the next mural is, but it was around the corner of the mother daughter mural.

street art @Kaunas

Mural for the 90th Anniversary of the Lithuanian National Radio @Kaunas

“Contemporary Ladies” @Kaunas

“The Fight” @Kaunas

Shack @Kaunas

“Happy Children” @Kaunas

“The Lilac shall bloom again” @Kaunas

“The Pink Elephant” @Kaunas

unknown lady @Kaunas

This is only a small fraction on what’s to see on the streets of Kaunas. The map shows 44 different locations for street art, so you can easily spend a day looking for all of them. Since I only had about an hour before it got too dark, my pickings are limited. But still, it gives you an idea what’s out there in Kaunas. Yours, Pollybert

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