Helen of Troy by Margaret George: Usually I love historical novels very much. I have also read already books by Margaret George. So I don’t know why it took me two moths to finish ‘Helen of Troy’. Maybe it’s because Helen is not a historical figure at all. We don’t know anything about her except what was written thousand of years ago. Still, the Helen of this book is nowhere close to being an interesting heroine. I am honestly wondering why Troy didn’t send her home.


My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me: A Memoir by Jason B. Rosenthal: Sometimes it’s a mistake not to read the backside of a book. On the other hand when you read a book on an e-reader that’s not possible anyway. I guess I would not have started with this book about grief and loss, but by then I was already halfway through and enjoying the story of Amy and Jason. In the end it has a universal message: What will you do with your blank page, with your fresh start? And that’s something we should all keep in mind, every day is a fresh start. Great book, was sobbing my heart out though.


My Kind of Forever (The Beaumont Series Book 5) by Heidi McLaughlin: Another book which didn’t keep me up at night. I am not really sure why I have chosen so many bland books in the last couple of weeks and why I don’t stop reading them. Instead I force myself to keep on going and, case in point, pick up the next one in a series. There is a reason why the word ‘forever’ is in the title. It’s because the story is going on forever. I do hope though that Liam and Josie finally found their happily ever after forever!


Dune by Herbert Frank: I guess I started reading the book when I saw the preview for the new movie. The aesthetics of the film really spoke to me so I picked up book one. Unfortunately the book hasn’t aged well. Maybe this was interesting in the ’60s but the inner monologues are tiring and repetitive. Especially since most of the times it’s quite clear what’s happening. I am happy though that I can go and watch the movie.


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