A long weekend on Orkney – a Scottish adventure

Obh obh (that’s ‘oh dear’ in Gaelic), how I have missed Scotland in 2020. Due to the pandemic we couldn’t go and it broke my heart. So in 2021 nothing could keep us at home and despite a growing number of (delta) infections, a horrendously, expensive, mandatory, self administered PCR test upon arrival, as well as endless PLF pages to fill out online, we managed to fly via Aberdeen to Kirkwall. Oh, what a joy to be back in Scotland!

somewhere over Orkney @Scotland

arrival on Orkney @Kirkwall

The plan was to see a couple of Neolithic sites ( I had to google Neolithic myself: it’s from 10.000 BC to 2.000 BC in case you are wondering), like the village of Skara Brae and the Tomb of Eagles.

the Neolithic village of Skara Brae @Orkney

We also wanted to explore Kirkwall, the biggest town on Orkney with a population of just under 10k. We had rented an apartment which was right in the middle of everything. Not that there were any places which were not in the middle of Kirkwall. That was almost impossible.

across from St. Magnus Church @Kirkwall

Besides sightseeing we intended to walk for a bit and take in the nature. Scotland always helps me to recharge my batteries with its amazing shores, many rainbows, rough stone formations, or endless roads. If you look away for a second you can miss something beautiful. So you have to keep your eyes on the road at all times to take Scotland in with all you senses. Yours, Pollybert

somewhere on Mull Head @Orkney

an empty road on Hoy @Orkney

a rainbow near Birsay @Orkney

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