Shooting For the Stars (Gravity Book 3) by Sarina Bowen: Without the many snow/snowboarding/skiing scenes this book would be at best mediocre. But all the sport stuff elevates it in my opinion. The two main characters, Stella and Bear, are charming and friendly, even if a tad to one-dimensional. Since they both have turned up in book 2, they are already familiar. Overall, it’s a nice enough book for wintry afternoon on the couch.


The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves: A love story with a girl who is on the autism spectrum. I never thought I would find such a story fascinating. But it was, especially how Annika sees herself. Her thoughts and motions are so logic to her and so unfamiliar to other people that they just find them weird. Which makes it hard for her until someone realizes what a gem is hidden behind the facade. Really interesting love story.


Was man von hier aus sehen kann by Mariana Leky: This book from Mariana Leky came with a lot of recommendations. From my friends, from publications, from other reviewers. All of them were right. Such a perfect book. The village in which Luisa lives is like a small universe. As a reader you get to know everyone, and after a while you like everyone. Even the unlikable ones. They are all family and Selma and her dreams of Okapis the matriarch. What a lovely story.


Katherine Swynford: The Story of John of Gaunt and His Scandalous Duchess by Alison Weir: Don’t expect a novel, this reads more like a reference book. Which was honestly disappointing at first. The book though is well written and provides a huge amount of information. I love reading of the ‘War of Roses’ and one of my favorite books is ‘The Sunne in Splendour‘ from Sharon K. Penman. So to read about the mother of all both branches and how it all started was super interesting. Still, you certainly need to enjoy history to like this book.


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