More impressions of San José

San José was the only city I visited during my three weeks in Costa Rica. I figured that I would share with you whatever was left of my pictures of San José before moving on to all the other places I saw. What I remember most about San José are the many fast food places. On every corner there is an American fast food restaurant, it felt as if there were more than in the average American city.

Also, there is a lot of police presence on the streets and they are armed with huge guns. To me everything feels huge that’s bigger than a pistol, but they looked humongous. And no, I do not have a picture of them.

San José made a busy impression on me. Lot’s of people bustling around, maybe because it was Holy Week and everyone was on vacation. I can’t say for sure. In the end, I am happy to say that I could leave after three days with all my stuff and explore the country side. Yours, Pollybert

this is how the upper class of indigenous probably looked before the arrival of the Spaniards @Gold Museum

giant street musicians @San José

a line up of sun spheres @Museo Nacional

sitting in the center @San José

coffee break @Cafe La Mancha

the wings of Mexico have landed in the Parque Morazán y Templo de la Música @San José

Most doors were hidden by gated entrance ways, therefore I didn’t take any pictures of them. But this door, almost covered by shrubs, looks amazing.

the only door picture I have from Costa Rica @San José

A train is going right through the city as you can see from the tracks below.

the streets of San José @Costa Rica

Lots of produce you can’t find in Austria at your regular market.

inside the Mercado Central @San José

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