More impressions of Tortuguero

One would think after so many posts about Tortuguero that there is nothing left to say or show. Wrong! Costa Rica was amazing and every corner has a lot going for it. Tortuguero was no exception. The village itself was rather small and unspectacular. Unless you count the larger-than-life parrots and other animals which were dotted around the waterway.  Not sure what they were for, maybe the national park is also home to some parrots? In any case, I did not see them.

What really impressed me though were the innovative garbage collection bins. Even smoking looked like fun, when you can throw the butt into a large see-through packet. Not that I wanted to start again when looking at what was getting collected at the bottom of said package. But still, I assume the system works because the village looked very clean. In this way the national park doesn’t end up as garbage dump.

Even with all the rain, the national park left me in awe. The lush, green rain forest was so quiet. Far away from the usual noise from the big city, I needed to get familiar with new voices. Like the howler monkey or the armadillo. What a spectacular start to my trip in Costa Rica. Tortuguero really made me hungry for more. Yours, Pollybert

parrots are looking out over the water in Tortuguero @Costa Rica

recycling for bottles @Tortuguero

on the way from La Pavona to Tortuguero @Costa Rica

how to keep your village clean @Tortuguero

so many different shades of green @Tortuguero

a world in almost black and white @Tortuguero

in the national park of Tortuguero @Costa Rica

signposts on the waterway @Tortuguero

goodbye @Tortuguero

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