The flowers of Tortuguero

Traveling on both sides of the Costa Rica, as well as right through the middle, showed me an abundance of different flowers. Since each national park seemed to have a completely new set of flowers I have decided to make a separate for every destination and park. Let’s start with the Caribbean side, where I headed first to Tortuguero.

While waiting for the water taxi to Tortuguero I saw these high blooming bushes. Not really sure if these are flowers, now I rather think (after lots of educational visits in different national parks) that the colorful leaves should attract pollinators and the flowers themselves are super small. At the time I didn’t know that though and therefore I only have a picture of the leaves. Or maybe there isn’t even a flower. Honestly, Costa Rica has so many different species, I didn’t know most of it. So here we go with the first post of flowers. Yours, Polybert

looks like a flower but not sure @La Pavona

white and pink flowers with lots of buds @Tortuguero

this red flower looks almost fake @Tortuguero

dark purple leaves to attract pollinators @Tortuguero

single white flower still wet from the rain @Tortuguero

I am very sure that this red flower doesn’t grow on trees, but that’s the way it looked from below.

a red flower growing on a tree @Tortuguero

red leaves, just not a flower @Tortuguero

bird-of-paradise flower @Tortuguero

this is a flower which rarely blooms I was told @Tortuguero

pink flower closed @Tortuguero

pink flower open @Tortuguero

tiny flower on long stem @Tortuguero

wilting flowers @Tortuguero

long stemmed dark pink flower @Tortuguero

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