Breakfast at Verde

Verde lies in the heart of Vienna, in one of the pedestrian zones. So it must be nice in summer to sit outside and pass the time with people watching. On this recent Saturday though the weather was still too cool to sit outside.

outdoor seating @Verde

I didn’t mind the least, because the interior is stylish and has a cozy atmosphere. I really liked the china blue velvet upholstery, it made for a serene setting.

dining room and bar @Verde

The menu offers the nowadays standard fare of eggs Benedikt and shakshuka, as well as other egg combinations or ‘crusty bread’ combos, which also come with eggs. Honestly I didn’t get the difference. In any case, it all sounded good and promising. Too bad it didn’t happen on the plate.

I had ordered ‘Avocado’, a ‘Crusty Bread’ combo with two slices of Öfferl crusty bread, soft-boiled organic eggs, avocado, and sauce Hollandaise. The bread was soft, so I am not sure where it came from. Because the one from Öfferl has a nice crust. The sauce Hollandaise tasted of the package variety and the avocado cream also reminded me of the stuff you can buy in the supermarket. Best of all was the arugula, which was not part of my plate, but came from the eggs Benedict of my friend. Unfortunately, the whole thing tasted of ready-made convenience food.

avocado breakfast @Verde

Unfortunately the same goes for the eggs Benedict. Nice to look at, but lacking in substance when it comes to taste and quality.

eggs Benedict @Verde

The service was nice enough, but honestly the food was a disappointment. Especially in light of the city center pricing. You would do better to just drink coffee and enjoy the atmosphere, but satisfy your hunger somewhere else. Yours, Pollybert


101 Wien, Wallnerstrasse 2
Tel: +43 660 5078716
Sun-Thu: 09:00-01:00, Sat-Sun: 09:00-02:00

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