Sparrow by L. J. Shen: I am not really into the mobster scene or books about it. So Troy wasn’t someone I could identify with, also because he is of course the male lead. But Sparrow, the blueberry pancake baking heroine, was more to my liking. I especially enjoyed her daily runs and I envied her the motivation. Really have to go and look for that myself. Coming back to the book, their chemistry is unfortunately not that believable, but I still liked to keep on reading. It was an okay book.

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky: I had a really hard time finishing this sci-fi book about the last of the human race and intelligent spiders. I do not understand why this book has such great reviews on Goodreads. It’s long winded, quite boring, and overall just too long. And there is even a part 2, which I will definitely skip. Whatever happens to the descendants of the Gilgamesh and the many Portias, Fabians, and Biancas, I honestly don’t care.

Empire of the Summer Moon by S. C. Gwynne: My knowledge of the history of the American Indians came mostly from the movies and maybe Karl May. So reading about the Great Plains tribes, where they were coming from and how they got their great horsemanship skills was a revelation to me. I loved that S. C. Gwynne provided a good overview of the life in Texas before and after it became a part of U.S. Quanah, the last of the Comanche chiefs, who gave up his freedom and moved onto a reservation, was half white and half Indian. His family’s story is the backbone of this book. Great read!

Anon Pls. by Deuxmoi: I’ve been following the anonymous Instagram account for a while already. Not sure how I found it , but definitely before the Arnie Hammer drama started. In any case, the book is amusing and a really fast read. Took be basically the best part of day while still doing other stuff. I like the fictional idea behind the anonymous account. Who cares why she started it, the story she tells definitely entertained me. There’s also some truth in this book. We all want to share our connections with celebrities.

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