The doors of Rye

I made an effort and took a lot of pictures of the doors of Rye. Not really sure why I completely forgot about them while in other towns and villages. Maybe they were just not as nice. But while we walked around Rye the doors really were a feature of their own. The whole town, as small as it was, had everything you wanted from a place. Including but not limited to beautiful houses and therefore also doors. Most houses have a name, which is prominently displayed somewhere above or near the door. So here is the best that Rye had to offer in terms of doors. Yours, Pollybert

two white doors side by side @Rye

the side door of the Elders House @Rye

black door on a steep street @Rye

Hartshorn House, the old hospital @Rye

I don’t know what is meant by ‘the seat’, but it’s definitely a distinctive name.

House with the seat @Rye

Finally we have a door in color, bright red!

Knowle House @Rye

The house with the secret garden @Rye

The house opposite @Rye

Norman House @Rye

it really was a very small door @Rye

an unadorned brown door @Rye

The house with two front doors @Rye

beautiful grey door @Rye

a door in pink with no name @Rye

double white doors with red begonia @Rye

ca. 1475, probably the house and not the door @Rye

a narrow door in green @Rye

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