On a recent Saturday, instead of going for breakfast, I had planned a trip to Siegersdorf. In this little known village, in the surrounding regions of Vienna, lies Markthof. The restaurant entices with exquisite cooking on high level and a focus on regional and seasonal products. From the terrace you can see the cows roaming on one side and behind the oleander are stables with horses, goats, and a pig. It great to see the animals  close up in a really comfortable setting.

terrace @Markthof

The outdoor area is really only for drinks, but we decided nonetheless to start out meal here. The amuse gueule was a mix of cold cuts and vegetable spreads. We got some Bresaola, which had been soaked in red wine, bacon that melted in your mouth, pickled vegetables, and a hummus with peas. Raw milk butter and a basket of bread rounded out the amuse gueule nicely.

amuse gueule @Markthof

I especially liked the bacon, which was super delicious. The pea hummus had a great taste, maybe a bit heavy on the salt though. Raw milk butter is my favorite, but you really need to like that. It has an intense taste. Definitely a nice start to our meal.

Before the main course arrived we wandered to our table inside. The restaurant has two dining areas, a lovely covered terrace and a more rustic area, which also holds the shop.

dining and shopping @Markhof

We all ate meat at Markthof, since this is one of their focus points and the meat comes from either themselves or just around. Like the pink roe buck I ate, which has lived in the woods behind the restaurant. It came with a slice of potato bacon cake, two kinds of celeriac, sauce Duxelles, and Umeboshi plum jam.

roe buck with celeriac @Markthof

The meat was tender and juicy and had a lovly taste. The two kinds of celeriac were pickled slices and confited disks. Combined with the also pickled plum jam it was just heavenly! Really an excellent dish! Just the sauce was a tad to salty, when eaten together with everything else it was okay though.

My friend got the halibut which came in savory bisque with carrots and olives and prawn culurgiones. Since we shared I can tell you that this dish as well was just a dream. The fish was perfect, so juicy and on point, and the culurgiones nicely paired with it. It all came together in the intense bisque.

halibut in bisque @Markthof

Last but not least we also got the pink Angus beef with a slice of potato cake, buttery carrots, mushrooms, and a jus. The meat was again perfect. I haven’t eaten a marbled steak in a while, where I loved to eat the marbled pieces. This was so tender and melt in your mouth, a quality unheard of. The side dishes were also nice, but the true star here was the piece of meat.

pink Angus beef @Markthof

The quality of the produce and what comes out of the kitchen at Markthof is outstanding. No wonder they are doing well in the rankings. I just wish they would lay off from the salt a bit. It’s almost borderline. Service was great and very friendly. Since we couldn’t eat any dessert after the amuse gueule and one and a half main dishes each (the third person is a continually bad eater) we got a slice of chocolate banana cake and cream cake for to go. I polished these off after I came home from a concert later that evening. Markthof is definitely worth the drive to the country. Yours, Pollybert


3041 Siegersdorf, Kellergasse 1
Tel: +43 664 8155638
Thu: 11:00-24:00, Fri-Sat: 09:00-24:00, Sun: 11:00-20:00

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