What and where to eat in Brussels

Fries in Brussels are a serious business and people line up everywhere for them. The potatoes are fried twice in beef fat and you must decide which sauce to get. It’s not just ketchup and mayo here, oh no. There’s a long list of sauces available, so you have to give it some thought. We lined at the Friterie du Café Georgette and ordered a portion to share. With a beer, two sauces, and a waffle later, it was enough to tie us over until dinner.

lining up for fries @Friterie du Café Georgette

the best fries with two kinds of sauces @Friterie du Café Georgette

We got our waffle in the Royal Gallery at Maison Dandoy. They there are more expensive but you get to choose between a Liege (round) and a Brussels (square) waffle. We got the square one, because when in Brussels do as the locals, and it was absolutely fabulous! The combination of warm strawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream on top of a slightly crunchy waffle can’t get any better! The line up and the higher price are so worth it. But one to share is also enough to not fall into a sugar induced coma.

the Brussels waffle @Maison Dandoy

We drank half an half, a Belgium invention of white wine and champagne, at Le Cirio. This beautiful Art Noveau restaurant faces the stock exchange, which must usually be a great view when you sit outside. Unfortunately the street was under construction and we faced a green wall. Never mind, this fantastic drink made us so happy, that we started talking to everyone who sat around us.

half an half @Le Cirio

At the corner of Place Sainte-Catherine lies Oysters & Smørrebrød, where you can get small fish and seafood snacks. We got fish soup, fish croquettes, fried shrimps, and whitebait with a nice glass of white wine. The food was great, you just order in the shop and get your drinks, then find a table and the food will be served. Well organized and such a beautiful spot.

menu @Oysters & Smørrebrød

seafood snack @Oysters & Smørrebrød

For dinner I had searched for a restaurant to eat fresh mussels. Of course you can get them everywhere, but I didn’t want to get them where all the other tourists end up. So we really walked left the center and ate oysters and mussels at Le Chou de Bruxelles. It must be authentic, because next to us set an older couple that seemed to be going here since forever. I liked it but had the feeling that all 30 offered mussel variations have the same base. Besides that the fries came without sauce.

mussels and fries @Le Chou de Bruxelles

The weather was excellent on that evening and we had a Mojito at ‘Chez Richardon the terrace outside. One really has to use these balmy evenings in spring, when the occasion arises. Yours, Pollybert

Mojito @Chez Richard

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