Breakfast at Kleines Wiener Café

When you  enter  Kleines Wiener Café it really feels small, as the name already implies. Maybe it’s the entrance area, which includes the bar and the cash. Once you move further into the interior, it gets bigger.

interior @Kleines Wiener Café

Then when you look for the courtyard and only find the toilets the small feeling comes. But it’s all there, even the courtyard.

courtyard @Kleines Wiener Café

When it comes to the breakfast menu the focus is on vegetarian and vegan dishes. Not one slice of ham or bacon anywhere in sight. According to website all products like jam, chutney, cakes, and coffee are homemade. Especially the coffee interested me, it’s called Toluka coffee and roasted in small batches. And yes, it was good!

My young friend chose the ‘Kickstarter‘ breakfast, which was two slices of bread with butter and chive, two eggs sunny side up, and yogurt with honey, nuts, and fresh fruits.

Kickstarter breakfast @Kleines Wiener Café

Even the presentation looked already homemade. I really liked that it was substance over style. And since the teenager liked it I can assure of its taste.

I on the other hand ordered a smoky egg and cheese sandwich, which was a bread roll filled with gooey scrambled eggs. The cheese inside might have been smoked, but it didn’t really translate to the sandwich. Part of it was falling out while eating, and there was not enough seasoning. Unfortunately though, I didn’t take a picture. But it didn’t look so great anyways. Honestly, I wouldn’t order it again.

The yogurt with honey, nuts, and fresh fruits was  exactly what I wanted on that morning. It came with the ‘Kickstarter’ breakfast, but I got a bowl for myself as well. Great combination, very tasty, and they didn’t skimp on the fruits and nuts.

yogurt with honey, nuts, and fresh fruits @Kleines Wiener Café

Overall Kleines Wiener Café had lovely service and came as a big surprise after the unassuming entry area. It had a very relaxed atmosphere and I liked the quiet calm in the courtyard. Just the thing you need, when you start into a busy weekend. Yours, Pollybert


Kleines Wiener Café
1080 Wien, Kochgasse 18
Tel: +43 660 1065583
Tue-Sat: 10:00–21:00

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