The Waldviertelerhof has one of the best courtyards I’ve seen in a long time. Even better it has a couple of old trees in it, which provide natural shade on hot days. The restaurant also has really large marquees, but the trees probably cool off the place better in summer time. Summer though was over on that, so the air felt a bit nippy in the evening. But it also gives one a chance to eat something else beside a salad.

courtyard @Waldviertlerhof

The Waldviertlerhof serves hearty Austrian fare, so you won’t leave the table hungry. Portions are big and in most dishes the filling factor is substantial. On that evening I only tried my own dish, but the general review from everyone was positive. There was one order with two starters, a Hungarian fish soup with Tarhonya and chanterelle tartare with bresaola. The fish soup came in a deep red, colored so by the paprika, with chunks of fish inside.

fish soup @Waldviertlerhof

The chanterelle tartare on the other hand disappeared beneath the bresaola. Nonetheless it was very tasty, especially since the tartare was made from small chanterelle. Along the dish was a little salad garnish.

chanterelle tartar @Waldviertlerhof

The Kärntner Kasnudeln came in lots of melted butter (definitely not brown as written in the menu), with heaps of chive on top and a small bowl of leaf salad. It looked appetizing with its fresh, green presentation and my friend really enjoyed it.

Kärntner Kasnudeln @Waldviertlerhof

Another vegetarian dish were the polenta dumplings with feta with spinach and melted tomatoes. There was a big amount of feta on top of the wilted spinach and tomato sauce, but there was also cheese inside the dumplings. This dish was rated excellent by my friend.

polenta dumplings @Waldviertlerhof

There was also someone eating a small goulash, which looked exactly as one would expect it to look. I heard no complaints about it. As said already above, everyone was happy with their meal.

small goulash @Waldviertlerhof

I liked my dish as well although it was not the way I expected it. My Blunzengröstl (blood sausage with potatoes and horseradish) was actually kind of dry. The sausage and the potatoes have clearly not been roasted together, and none of it in the pan the dish was served in. The horseradish came from a jar and was far from fresh. No bite to it unfortunately. But in combination with the rather wet cabbage salad, it was all tasty enough. So who am I to complain, when it all worked together.

Blunzengröstl with cabbage salad @Waldviertlerhof

Best of all was the courtyard though, the weather, and the company I was in. Therefore I can’t really say if I would go there again any time soon on my own. Yours, Pollybert

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