The Isle of Arran – exploring the King’s Caves

After our tour around Glen Rosa and its waterfall, we headed back to the car. It still hadn’t started to rain, so we decided that it was nice enough to go explore some more outdoor sites. We settled on the King’s caves as our next stop.

King’s Cave @Isle of Arran

According to legend Robert the Bruce sought refuge here from the men of Edward I. While hiding in the caves from his persecutors, he witnessed a spider trying repeatedly to spin a web. Even though the spider didn’t succeed at first, it never gave up. Come morning the web was done. The story goes that Robert the Bruce drew hope from the spider. That as long as he was alive, he could fight another day. Of course now we know that he won the freedom for Scotland and his throne in the Battle of Bannockburn.

on the way to the King’s Caves @Isle of Arran

But by the time we got out of the car, the rain had started in full. With our rain gear on, we were ready to put it to the test. The test didn’t work though, to make that clear right away. We got to the caves in heavy rain, but quite wet. The caves were worth it though. I imagined Robert the Bruce hiding here in 1306, although it is not clear if he ever was in this cave (he was on Arran though). The King’s caves looked huge. Three big caves next to each other with one having two big ‘windows’. In the last one was a cross scratched in the wall. With that in mind the iron portals were put up, so that it resembled a church from outside.

the King’s cave is the larges of the caves here @Isle of Arran

the two ‘windows’ of the King’s Cave @Isle of Arran

the King’s Cave with the cross inside @Isle of Arran

the cross inside the King’s Cave @Isle of Arran

After the caves we skipped walking the suggested round, figuring that going back through the woods would keep us safe from the wind and rain, and overall shorter. It might might have been shorter, but made no difference with the rain.

no luck with the weather @Isle of Arran

a walk in the woods @Isle of Arran

After the wet adventure we stopped for a cup of tea, but eventually made our way to the Corrie hotel. The place was absolutely gorgeous and even better, a German speaking host. He learned it at school in London and apparently later moved to Arran. That was a first for me to meet someone speaking German up here. But what a lovely welcome. Yours, Pollybert

Corrie Hotel @Isle of Arran

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