The Isle of Arran – Glen Rosa waterfall

By now I really know the hotels around Edinburgh airport well, since we always arrive late at night from Vienna. We left the Moxy hotel early, considering that we had only arrived after midnight. But the ferry was booked and we still needed to get our rental car. So without breakfast (which is quite expensive at Moxy) we were out of the door and on our way. The drive to the west coast was short and uneventful and after about 90 minutes we arrived way too early in Ardrossan.

Ardrossan harbor @Scotland

But big ferries are actually more like airplanes. You need to be early at the port for the check-in closes. So far we only ever took small ones on our Scotland trips. So I didn’t know, but luckily we had enough time. The ferry took us from Ardrossan to Brodick on the Isle of Arran. Unfortunately we only had the one day to explore all of Arran. So we had decided beforehand which sites to visit.

The moment we arrived in Brodick, we turned north and and drove next to this spectacular beach.

Brodick beach @Isle of Arran

Too bad that the weather didn’t promise sunshine for our walk on Glen Rosa. The walk up to the small waterfall was spectacular though. It felt more as if we were in the highlands, which is actually one of the special features of Arran. The island looks like half highlands, half lowlands. The whole walk on Glen Rosa was always in the direction of the Goat Fell, which is 874m high. This hill looked mighty to me, even though it’s actually not that high.

starting with our walk @Glen Rosa

always follow the water @Glen Rosa

first waterfall @Glen Rosa

The first waterfall we saw was rather unassuming and would have not been worth the walk (if you are just in search of a waterfall). Thankfully there was one other hiker and he recommended to follow the path a further two minutes up. Up there we would see something totally different. And he was right, that’s what I would call a waterfall. Great view as well!

a bit of blue amidst all the clouds @Glen Rosa

the Goat Fell in the back @Isle of Arran

second waterfall @Glen Rosa

Since it hadn’t started to rain and we still had daylight, we decided to do another walk on this day. Up next were the King’s Caves. Yours, Pollybert

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