Zemun – the rural side of Belgrade

Until 1934 Zemun was one of the small villages surrounding Belgrade, then it got absorb into the city. Despite being a part of Belgrade it has kept its rural character, and best of all it lies along the Danube. So on a glorious winter day, the sun was out, we made our way to Zeleni Venac, the main bus station of Belgrade, and got on the bus number 84 to Zemun. The plan was to start with the Janos Hunyadi tower, better known as the Gardos tower, which is a reminder of Zemun being part of the Austro Hungarian empire. From there we would get a good view over Zemun and our bearings on where to go next.

We decided that we needed some exercise and therefore to not get off directly in Zemun, but two bus stations later. Unfortunately the walk back along the Danube got canceled, due to the lack of quay on which to stroll along.

the end of our walk along the Danube @Zemun

But at least we still got a good view on the Danube from the streets we walked along and eventually  managed to arrive at the Gardos tower.

gorgeous day along the Danube @Zemun

It was definitely the better idea to take the bus further out and arrive from the other side. We avoided to struggle up the stairs from Zemun and arrived almost at the top without a steep incline.

last push up the hill @Zemun

Then finally the Gardos tower appeared on top. I almost couldn’t believe it, since I expected something totally different. From this side it appeared more like a castle.

first look at the Gardos tower @Zemun

The outlook from the top of the hill was great and only marred by the the slab concrete buildings in the distance. Unfortunately the tower was closed and we couldn’t climb it (opening hours are Fri-Sun 4-6pm). Finally we got some pictures with blue sky.

the view from Gardos tower hill @Zemun

Gardos tower in all its glory @Zemun

We enjoyed sunshine during an al fresco lunch and the sauntered through Zemun. The village character is clearly visible and makes for a great vibe. Especially at the local market.

still a village @Zemun

outdoor market @Zemun

Pollybert and pumpkin @Zemun

After that it was time to get back to the big city. With the bus number 84 that happened in no time at all. Yours, Pollybert

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