Breakfast at Aehrlich

The name Aehrlich is a pun in German and derives from ‘ehrlich’ (honest) and ‘Aehre’ (corn ear). Behind this bakery/restaurant stands a farm in Upper Austria, and the fruits of their labor are served at Aehrlich. This concept gives this place a very wholesome appeal. What I like best, besides that Aehrlich is open on Sunday, is its vicinity to my apartment.

Having arrived back in Vienna late on a Saturday night, I walked to Aehrlich for breakfast the next morning. So much better than taking myself to one of the few supermarkets open on Sunday to buy groceries. Nothing feels better than getting a meal served, especially after a week of vacation when I needed to get spoiled a little bit longer. The terrace was full, but in this summer heat I didn’t want to eat outside anyways.

indoors @Aehrlich

I opted for the ‘Frühlingsei(spring egg), which sounded delicious with its pea hummus, two fried eggs, and feta from their farm, and celeriac chips. After a week in Greece I still was up for feta, astonishing really. Coffee comes from Alt Wien Kaffee, a small coffee roasting facility.

coffee @Aehrlich

My breakfast arrived in glorious colors, the green of the pea hummus in nice contrast to the yellow egg yolk.

Frühlingsei @Aehrlich

It was a delicious combination, the hummus worked well with the baguette and the eggs, the feta delivered a dash of acidity and flavor contrast to the smooth hummus. It tasted clean and fresh and wholesome. Since I ate such a well balanced meal I decided to get myself something sweet as well. That’s the problem, when eating breakfast at a bakery. The choices are just so varied, you almost never get away without something sweet. I settled on a cheese curd Danish with fresh currants.

sweet curd Danish with red currants @Aehrlich

The Danish wasn’t overly sweet, rather even on the sour side due to the currants. A fabulous, guilt-free Danish! Aehrlich is a welcome addition to the 9th district, using regional and organic produce. But best of all is the taste of its dishes! I’ll put it on my breakfast rotation. Yours, Pollybert


Wasagasse 28, 1090 Wien
Telefonnummer: +43 660 8119 431
Wed-Thu: 8:00–14:30, Fri: 08:00-22:00, Sat-Sun: 08:30–14:30

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